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Imagine an emergency came up and you needed to make money today – right. now. How would you do it?

That’s the question I asked myself a while back. I didn’t have an answer.

Sure, there are ways to make money quickly, but none of those options had the potential to put cash in my hand ASAP.

In my quest to discover ways to make money on my own terms, I discovered the world of freelance writing.

I was really feelin’ certain aspects, like the ability to…

  • set my own rates
  • set my own schedule
  • work anytime, anyplace…

I thought it might be a good gig, and I figured I could use my healthcare background to my advantage. (Boy, was I right?!)

I made $1,500 (!!) in my first 3 months of freelance writing, but I didn’t do that by jumping in headfirst. No, I needed to be strategic about it.

So I did my homework – literally.

I owe my initial success to an online course I took – Write Your Way to Your First $1K. I have to mention this course E-VE-RY-time I talk about freelance writing because I just have to give Elna, the course creator, her props.

This post is all about Write to 1K, whether it’s right for you, and how you can use it to transform your freelance writing career…and your life!

Who the Heck is Elna Cain and Why Should I Listen to Her?

Look – the Internet is a wild place.

There are a lot of people willing to sell anything on the Internet. It can be tough to separate the real from the fake. But if you take a look at Elna’s website, you’ll quickly see she’s the real deal.

Elna Cain is a freelance writer, blogger, and stay-at-home mommy of twins! I’m tired just typing that out…

After just 6 months of freelance writing part-time, Elna replaced the salary she made from her full-time job.

What did she do after that? You guessed it…she ran for the hills!

She quit her job and decided to stay at home with her kids but was still able to bring in an income because of her freelancing.

Lucky for us, she didn’t keep the secrets of success to herself. Instead, she created the online course, Write Your Way to Your First $1K, so that people could learn how to do what she did and transform their lives too!

Who write to 1k is For

Write to 1K is the perfect course for anyone who wants to learn:

  • how to get paid to write
  • how to turn freelance writing into a real business
  • how to find & pitch LEGIT clients (aka non-bullshit clients with real money!)

Who write to 1k is Not For

Freelance writing is not a get-rich-quick situation… If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t waste your time here.

Elna teaches strategies to build your writing skills into an income stream, but you’re not about to make millions of dollars in the next week.

Also, Write to 1K doesn’t teach you how to write. You don’t have to be an amazing writing to make money freelance writing, but you should be able to cover the basics. Elna’s course won’t teach you that.

write to 1k review

What you’ll learn in Write to 1K

Write to 1K has 7 modules:

Module 1: Laying the Foundation

This module gets you in the freelance writer mindset. These are the foundational steps like pitching a niche (subject area) to focus on and setting goals. Without a solid foundation, you won’t be able to build a strong, profitable freelance writing side hustle or business.

Module 2: Building Your Writer Platform

This module’s all about your online presence, particularly your website and social media channels. (By the way, if all you need is website guidance, check out another one of Elna’s courses Writer Website in a Weekend.)

Module 3: Building Your Portfolio

Your portfolio contains the samples you need to convince clients that you’re legit. This module teaches you how to create and display an impressive portfolio that helps you sell your skills in the BEST way possible.

Module 4: Finding Writing Clients

Obviously, if you can’t find clients, you aren’t going to make any money freelance writing. But you don’t wanna find just any old client. You wanna find clients who know your value and whose budgets reflect that value! Those are the clients Elna teaches you how to nail.

Module 5: Your Pitch

The clients that you learned to find in Module 4…yeah, you won’t secure them unless you know how to deliver a supremely effective pitch. This is one of my favorite modules because Elna shares examples of pitches that have a high rate of success (up to 75%) for her. You can just model your pitches after hers!

Module 6: Your First 1K

Ayyyeee, now that’s what gets me excited! The actual process of creating your posts or articles is what’s going to get you paid, so Elna created a special module that focuses on the structural and technical aspects of creating high-value posts and articles.

Module 7: Your Freelance Business

Finally, the business. If the clients and the money are rolling in, you’ve got to know how to manage them. This section covers invoicing and systems that will make your freelancing life easier!

What I Loved about Write to 1K

Write to 1K was one of the first online courses I took, and it set the bar wayyyy high.

There are a few features I especially loved:

Archive of Elna’s Personal Successful Pitches

I’m a “see it to believe it” person, especially when it comes to the Internet. The fact that Elna gives real-life examples, screenshots, etc. throughout this course gave me the confidence that I made the right decision in choosing to follow her advice.

Plus, when it comes to pitching, I always have examples of pitches that ACTUALLY work because Elna shares her entire archive of successful pitches.

Lifetime access

This one’s a given. I get to check back into the course and give myself a refresher whenever I please because this course comes with lifetime access. All updates included!

7 Bonus Materials

SEVEN free bonuses included in this course package – 7! Instead of paying for all these goodies separately, you get 7 bonuses as a part of the Write to 1K bundle.

The bonuses help you do things like choose a profitable niche to specialize in or track your budget and spending for your new freelance writing side hustle/business.

But for me, the best bonus is the…

Facebook Group!

The is the exclusive hangout where Elna and everyone who’s taken her course throw ideas back and forth and get personalized advice from Elna when we’re feeling stuck.

What I Didn’t Love So Much

Gotta be honest here – there isn’t a whole lot I didn’t like about Write to 1K.

I guess the biggest thing is that more videos would have been more engaging than text BUT the good news is that because Elna is constantly updating the course, there are more video lessons now than there were when I took it!

$$$ Results from My Personal Experience with Write to 1K

The best thing I can do is show you the proof.

I wrote an entire post about the results from my personal experience with Write to 1K:

How I Made $1500 in My First 3 Months of Freelance Writing.

I hope Elna’s course is as life-changing for you as it has been for me.


Let me know if you have any additional questions about Write to 1K!