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I know these are my letters to you, but I would be remiss not to acknowledge the role your dad played in helping me find myself after becoming a mother, and ESPECIALLY after returning to work.

You might recall from this story that my return to work postpartum was disastrous. I didn’t bear the weight of that experience alone. In fact, although I might have dealt with more of the emotional consequences,  your father certainly had to deal with the practicalities of it.

Superb logistical support

Because of my work schedule, I could never drop you off at or pick you up from daycare—unless it was a federal holiday or something. I couldn’t take you to doctor’s appointments because I didn’t have much PTO saved up since the job was new. That meant your dad was responsible for all these things, and even though it sucked, he did a great job with it. 

Willingness to learn

Tre, you were the first baby your dad spent a lot of time around—or any time around, if we’re being honest. He didn’t know exactly whaat to do with you…how to hold you, change you, dress you, play with you. But he was so willing to learn. He was so excited to learn. 

And he did.

Perhaps in a much more trial-by-fire way than he had probably intended, but I think it just made him an even more incredible dad, which leads me to my last point.

A whole parent without me

It was always important to me to not have to be the sole person in the house responsible for kids. I was never down with that “husband pays the bills, wife handles the kids and house” approach to marriage. Your dad and I aren’t those type of people.

As such, it was important for both of us that each of us was able to be a whole, self-sufficient parent without the other—meaning he could care for you on his own without intervention from me and vice versa.

And while we’re both amazing parents individually, I’m so grateful to have him as my partner in parenthood.

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