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If you’re reading this, it’s too late…

No, I’m kidding, lol! (But honestly it’s 8:43 pm on June 28th so Champagne Papi is on my mind!)

Okay I’m being serious now. *straight face*

If you’re reading this, you’re probably millennial-aged or younger. That means you’re a part of the biggest group of podcast-listeners out there!

Not much of a surprise, huh?

Chances are you already know how to find and listen to podcasts.

If you don’t, I’m not judging. I’m just…Well, shit, yeah I am judging.

Don’t worry – I’m still gonna help you, but this post isn’t just going to list all the resources out there where you can listen to podcasts.

My good friend Keiona over at New Geechee has already laid out all the podcast listening options for you. Check out her post if you want the run-down.

THIS post is going to be all about how to listen to podcasts and get the most out of them.

Now, if you listen to podcasts solely for entertainment, these tips might not seem relevant…at first. I challenge you to KEEP READING, and here’s why:

If you’re only listening to podcasts for entertainment, you’re missing out and falling behind.

Today, we shall gather your life.

Let’s get to it.

listen to podcasts pin

Why do people listen to podcasts?

As millennials, it seems like we’re always trying to do more in less time. From that perspective, it makes sense that podcasts are scorching HOT right now.

All you need is your ears to listen!

They’ve allowed people to take multi-tasking to the next level. You can listen to podcasts while driving around town, cleaning your home, working out. Even while you’re washing your behind if you’re that pressed…

(Again, not judging…)

But what about the content makes podcasts so attractive?

listen to podcasts lazimillennial

It turns out that entertainment and “escaping” are some of the main reasons people listen to podcasts, which is great! Entertainment is necessary, especially in the current state of the world.

We could all use some light-heartedness and laughter in our lives.

But know this: podcasts are also a great way to learn more about a subject you’re interested in or a skill you’ve been wanting to take up.

Professional and personal growth (i.e., to LEARN something) are also huge reasons why people listen to podcasts.

If you’re not one of those people, that means that loads of other people are out there learning more than you are, all because they’re using podcasts as a medium for growth and self-improvement.

The message here is simple: Don’t fall behind!

There are thousands of podcasts for allll types of interests out there. You’re sure to find something that suits you, and if you don’t, you can start your own podcast!

Find a few that you love, subscribe to them, and check them out regularly.

The Painful Truth about Listening to Podcasts

I. LOOOOOVE. Podcasts!


Yes, “but.”

I love podcasts almost too much.

See, I use to listen to my favorite Spotify playlists on the way to and from work, but I’ve since replaced music time with podcast-listening time.

I’ve become so addicted that I try to stuff in as many podcast episodes as I can during my commute.

listen to podcasts 2

The upside: the podcasts I listen to are about industries I’m heavily involved in like freelancing, copywriting, side hustling, etc.

The downside?

Well, since starting to listen to podcasts, I’ve found myself more content-overloaded.

The podcasts I listen to give soooo much amazing insight that it makes me want as much information as I can get during a commute.

That leaves me with very little time to actually process the information being shared and design ways to actually apply it to my life.

So much advice is wasted because I’m not giving myself enough time to process, digest, and apply. What’s the point of learning if you aren’t going to apply it?

How to Listen to Podcasts and Actually Get Something Out of Them

These are the rules I’m imposing on myself to combat content overload AND to make sure I’m maximizing my time and energy when listening to podcasts.

You’re your own boss, so you don’t have to do any of these.

I just thought I would share in case, like me, you too would like to get the most out of the podcasts you’re listening.

There are only two major rules.

1. Limit yourself to 1 podcast per commute.

It takes about an hour for me to get to work from home and vice versa. In that time, I can squeeze in about 1 and a half podcasts.

Instead of trying to stuff in that half of a podcast, what if I used that leftover time to reflect on the first?

I know for a fact that taking my time would help reduce feelings of content overload.

2. Reflect on each podcast you listen to, preferably in a written format.

Once I reach my destination, my goal is to write down at least 3 key takeaways from the podcast I listened to on the way. Even though I always tell myself I’ll remember everything I learned in a podcast, rarely, rarely does that happen.

By writing down key points, I can refer to my notes later.

Here’s what I’m planning to write:

a) The name of the podcast and episode for later reference

Sometimes I like to relisten to an episode. It’s always much easier if I write down the name or number of the actual episode.

b) Key takeaways (YOUR OWN, not necessarily the host’s)

Many podcasts hosts will summarize their key takeaways at the end of the episode. Well, I don’t want their key takeaways to be honest, haha!

I prefer my own.

So I’ll make note of what I felt were the most pertinent points of the episode.

c) How the takeaways apply to your life

More importantly than writing down my key takeaways is indicating how those takeaways are relevant to my life.

d) 1-3 action items to implement

Lastly, the most important step of all: ACTION.

How will I use what I learned in the episode to take action in my life?

Now, tell me I’m not alone.

Do you listen to podcasts? Have you ever felt overwhelmed from listening to SO many?