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“Stop trying to solve broke people problems.”

As a student in Services that Sell—Jereshia’s program that helps you package your expertise into a high-ticket offer—I get to hear edge-snatching quotes like these from her on a near-daily basis.

Who’s this “Jereshia Hawk” woman, anyway?

Jereshia Hawk went from leading $400 million pipeline projects as an engineer to doubling her corporate salary and quitting her job within 18 months of starting her online business.

Based on her own transformative experience and all that she learned during it—the good, the bad, and the ugly—she teaches everyday side hustlers proven corporate strategies to specialize their skills with a signature service and start their own 6-figure online business.

What’s Services that Sell all about?

To someone who’s never heard of Services That Sell, I’d explain it like this:

STS is a program for people who want to take the knowledge, skills, and expertise they have and create a packaged, high-ticket offer.

To someone who has heard of Services That Sell, knows what it’s all about, and hasn’t joined yet, I’d simple ask: Why not?

Now let’s be clear: I’m not an affiliate for Services That Sell or any of Jereshia’s programs. I have no financial relationship with her or her company. 

I became a full-paying Services That Sell student two months after quitting my government pharmacy job in 2018. She helped me transform what was a loose, inconsistent freelance writing experience into a bona fide healthcare copywriting and copywriting business.

To be quite honest, she’s one of the most genuine business coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in growing and scaling a service business.

How can I learn more about Jereshia hawk and her program for service-based business owners?

To learn more about Jereshia Hawk and Services That Sell, check out this interview where she shares:

  • Who can and should sell high-ticket services
  • Why you don’t need to follow the traditional sales funnel most online business “gurus” teach
  • What it means to “flip the funnel,” and why it’s a better approach than a traditional sales funnel 
  • Why niching down and specializing is the key to selling high-ticket services
  • The monetary and non-monetary benefits of specializing
  • How to overcome the mindset barriers that can stop you from effectively selling premium services
  • How to overcome common sales objections and MAKE. THE. SALE

Interview with jereshia hawk

How to Sell HIGH-TICKET SERVICES with NO Traditional Sales Funnel