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Back in 2013 when we bought our first house—the one we live in now—I was in school living on student loan money.

Never have I ever been more grateful for this place we call home.

When we first moved in and your dad’s friends would come over, they’d always make comments like, “Damn bro, this is a house for family.”

We would laugh because yes, it was definitely a house for a family and it was a major investment. We had been together for almost 3 years and lived together for 1.5.

Our intentions were to start a family eventually, though that happened sooner than we had intended

Several years later, we find ourselves sitting in this house more than we’ve ever sat in this house before. And that says a lot considering that we’re semi-homebodies.

I realize just how grateful I am that two broke kids got a house back then. At the time, your dad was teaching and I was a full-time student.

My only sources of income were the checks from my student loans and the money that I made working every other weekend at the children’s hospital.

I had ZERO money—actually I had less than no money. Yet God saw fit to bless us with this house.

The night we moved in, the house was so cold and foreign (and ugly). It had been sitting empty for so long. I didn’t like being alone here for the first few months, yet I ended up alone here often because of my school schedule.

And I’d be lying if I said that over the years, I hadn’t doubted whether we made a smart move by purchasing a house so early. The upkeep, the maintenance…it’s been a headache at times, to say the least.

But now, this house is so much more than the property itself. It’s a place of safety for all four of us.

Right now it’s 10:23 PM, and you’re both sleeping soundly in your rooms.

I couldn’t be more grateful that we have this place all to ourselves where we can be protected from the rest of the world. And even though we’re spending way more time in here then I’d like to or that I thought we would in 2020, I recognize the blessing in it all.

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