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For the record, I don’t condone dropping out of school.

Now that my disclaimer’s covered, I can tell you two what really went down in 2017.

I graduated from pharmacy school with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in 2015. You knew that.

After graduation, I started that fellowship that I had to leave early once I realized I was pregnant.

Well, once I made my circuitous way back to the CDC, I figured it was time for me to craft a plan for rising up in the public health ranks. I had wanted an MPH ever since college—ever since I decided I wanted to be a public health pharmacist.

The only reason I hadn’t yet was because I didn’t want to take out any more student loans. (Hopefully I’m done paying those off by the time you’re reading this.)

Anyway…so if you recall, I’d begun freelance writing for health companies as a side gig. It was something fun and interesting that I could do aside from the more boring, straight-laced writing I was doing in my full-time job.

By this time Tre, you were almost 1 year old, and I felt like if I was going to pursue an MPH then I should do it before you got too much older. So I decided to apply to a graduate program—University of South Florida’s online MPH program—and got in.

After one semester, I realized that it would be impossible for me to continue the graduate program and freelance writing at the same time. So I had to make a choice.

Was I going to continue to pay out-of-pocket to complete this MPH and sacrifice the money I was making from freelance writing?

Or was I going to focus on freelance writing and put my MPH goal to the side?

Ultimately, I chose freelance writing.

That’s right—I dropped out of graduate school after only one semester.

It was a tough decision. It was a scary decision. But I knew it was what I needed to do. And I felt so relieved once that semester was finally over, which confirmed for me that I had made the right choice.

If you want to understand exactly why I made that choice, I highly recommend checking out this podcast episode:

Later in the series, I’ll talk about how I manage to build my freelance writing into an actual business all while being a young mom.

To be continued…

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