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Meet Gilles—that’s pronounced JEELS—a bona fide rapping lawyer. Having had a passion for rap since early childhood, Gilles had hoped to pursue music professionally later in life. But even he couldn’t have imagined he’d be 4 albums in and would’ve worked with some incredible musicians in the industry.

Gilles attended Emory University and decided to pursue law as a profession. He got a law degree from Howard University and made a space for himself in entertainment law of all spaces. Now he roams the world as a rapping lawyer, a combination that surprises many but also benefits him in many ways.



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In this episode, Gilles shares:

His foundational relationship with music and rap

the benefits and challenges of being a rapping lawyer

why he decided to pursue law as a profession

the benefits of having a legal background in the entertainment industry while being an entertainer

how he continuously incorporated music into his life

ways he’s been able to successfully market himself and his music

After the episode:

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