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Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Philadelphia, PA, self-care enthusiast and beauty/fashion influencer Tiffany Laibhen has always felt a calling to do and be more than what was surrounding her. As a natural born creative with a large outlook on life, working a typical 9-5 job and paying off student loans for the rest of her life never seemed like a viable option.

Tiffany has always had her mind and heart set on creating and living a life that was truly fulfilling, and has a goal of breaking a generational curse of financial struggle. Relying on divine faith and optimism, Tiffany is currently on the path to finding her purpose by exploring all of her creative gifts one at a time and hoping to inspire others along the way.


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In this episode, Tiffany shares:

Strategies for growing a  following on youtube and instagram

What Exactly an Influencer Is and Why Influencers Matter

The key to building an engaged and authentic audience

The Pros and Cons of Influencer Culture

The Nitty Gritty on How Influencers Make Money and Get Paid

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