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Micah Baisden, founder and owner of PowerHouse Sports Academy in Atlanta, GA, was a three-sport athlete in high school. During his collegiate football career, he earned a BS in Education with a concentration in Health and Physical Education. He became certified as a personal trainer through American Muscle and Fitness in Rochester, NY in 2014 and obtained a MS in Kinesiology at The University of Texas at El Paso. Micah and his team have transformed the bodies and lives of 200+ clients throughout 3 PowerHouse locations in the metro ATL area.

Think back to high school.

You’re in 10th grade homeroom, sitting next to your best friend. What are y’all talking about?

Your latest girlfriend?


The football game?

Not Micah Baisden. Not this time, at least.

Micah had just slid a note to his best friend proclaiming that he would one day start his own business. Just over 2 years ago, Micah realized that dream.

finding entrepreneurship

Following college, Micah didn’t jump right into his long-time plan to become an entrepreneur. In fact, he spent 4 years teaching before he decided to finally take action on the goal he had set for himself back in the day.

Micah launched Powerhouse Sports Academy as a traveling personal trainer for 8 clients. He drove all across metro Atlanta to meet with his clients and transform their bodies.

If you’re familiar with metro Atlanta, it makes sense to you that Micah spent more money than he made at that time.

Driving around town all the time was exhausting, but the grind was worth it.

Those 8 clients served as the foundation for what’s now a personal training business that has moved over 200 people towards a healthier life!

the powerhouse transformation

Micah touts 2 key events that helped him elevate his business.

First, he established a physical location 6 months into his entrepreneurship journey. At that point, his gas bill went way down, and his clientele went wayyy up.

Ironically, Micah found out about this available location through a social media connection, which brings us to #2…

Micah understood exactly how to capitalize on the power of social networking platforms – namely,  Instagram.

He’s used IG to build a personal and professional brand, reach his target audience, and attract clientele, which has proved invaluable to Micah’s business.

In episode 010, Micah also shares…

micah’s secret to growing from only 8 clients to 200+ clients in 2 years!

the importance of always being professional when marketing your business

the two biggest marketing strategies for micah’s personal training business

certifications and skills needed to become a personal trainer

how to use instagram to promote your business and grow your followers

the process of writing his first book (Coming soon!)

Micah’s story goes to show that a dream deferred is not a dream denied. It’s never to late to pivot and pursue your passions!

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