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Jennifer Jackson is a self-described “regular girl,” navigating her 20s and helping other young people figure out the real world. After her own graduation, Jennifer realized that while she had a great academic education, there was so much about “adulting” she didn’t know. After a brief struggle and lots of self-education, Jennifer paid off her debts and began traveling. She then created ADLT101 to serve as the resource she wishes she had when taking the leap into adulthood.

Have you ever wished there was someone to hold your hand and guide you through adulthood? Well, unfortunately that person doesn’t truly exist, but Jennifer comes pretty close!

the more you know, the more you don’t

Fresh out of college, Jennifer took a job in D.C. After 3 days of very loose “training,” she was thrown into the lion’s den.

Her interactions with the Human Resources department caused her to realize just how much she didn’t learn at school. HMOs, PPOs, HSAs, 401(K)s…the alphabet soup was overwhelming.

On top of having to make these Big Girl decisions, Jennifer’s car broke down that same week!

It was quite the humbling entry into real life…

helping others avoid her mistakes

Jennifer relied on her own research to help her navigate the grown-up decisions she had to make. She also recognized that other young people might have the same struggles, so she published what she learned on a blog and even went back to her alma mater to give a workshop.

Jennifer didn’t yet think of what she was doing as a business. She just wanted to help other young people have a more smooth transition into the real world than she did.

transitionining into entrepreneurship

But eventually, the entrepreneurship bug bit.

In February 2017, Jennifer left her job and jumped into her business – ADLT 101 – headfirst.

Through ADLT 101, Jennifer offers workshops, 1:1 coaching, and group coaching on topics such as personal finance, career, and moving to a new city.

In Episode 009, Jennifer shares…

how to use existing relationships to launch your business

how to use your part-time or full-time job to fund your own business

how she continuously improves her business model over time

strategies for coping with the ups and downs of being your own boss

her #1 tip for transitioning from full-time employment to being your own boss

how she makes money through adlt 101 (considering most students are broke!)

Jennifer’s work is so powerful and life-changing that people are reaching out to HER for her expertise and services!

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