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Hugh “H.D.” Hunter is an author, activist, and career coach from Atlanta, Georgia. His work in these three areas intersects at diversity and inclusion initiatives, as he seeks to increase access and opportunity in both artistic and traditional work environments.

His first book, “A Magic Door…,” was self-published through his own publishing company in 2016. His second book, “Torment,” is slated for a Summer 2018 release.

Hugh “H.D.” Hunter is one of those rare unicorns who is creatively inclined but also has a formal business education. Even though you can’t be him (crowd groans), you can definitely learn from him.

That’s exactly why Hugh is this week’s featured guest in The LaziMILLENNIAL Lounge. Click the image below to watch the episode!

Writer Turned Businessman??

Since childhood, Hugh knew he wanted to be a writer. What he didn’t know was exactly how he was going to accomplish that.

Keeping with his childhood goals, Hugh studied English as an undergrad. But then, as fate would have it, Hugh got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enroll in an intensive Masters program for students who don’t come from business backgrounds!

Business school led to a corporate marketing job, marking Hugh’s entry into the workforce. A year and a half later, Hugh would remember his dream of becoming a writer, and that Masters degree would prove invaluable in an entirely new way.

Becoming a Self-Published Author

Now I won’t spoil the story – after all, you’ve gotta listen to Hugh’s interview yourself to get the most from it – but I can tell you I learned SO much about self-publishing that I didn’t know before.

And so did Hugh! After spending 7 months authoring his first book, A Magic Door and A Lost Kingdom of Peace, Hugh used his business knowledge to self-publish.

Hugh felt encouraged knowing that if he successfully self-published this book, he would have the skills he needed to teach other writers how to do the same!

He didn’t stop with A Magic Door. In fact, Hugh’s next book Torment: A Novella is slated for a summer 2018 release.

In addition to writing, Hugh now works as a career coach at a private university (which he tells us more about in this episode)!

In episode 008 of The LaziMILLENNIAL Lounge, Hugh shares:

how to use skills from your 9-5 to support your own ventures

the meaning of self-publishing and how to do it

how he got a job in a field with no prior experience

what self-publishing is not

his 2 biggest pieces of advice for new creators & artists

how the process of writing a book can differ in major ways

After watching the episode, be sure to keep in touch with Hugh for updates on his upcoming book release!

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