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Candace V. Mitchell is a computer scientist and co-founder of the high tech hair care company, Techturized Inc., based in Atlanta, GA. Candace has had tremendous success with her company’s consumer brand, Myavana, a personalized hair care service. Since graduating from Georgia Tech and launching her business, Candace was named BET’s Next In Class STEM Award Winner. Plus, she landed a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Retail and E-Commerce category! Candace is a true LaziMILLENNIAL in every sense of the word.

What if there was a service that could take the guesswork out of figuring out which hair products are best for your precious strands? How much time, money, and stress could you save?

Well, this is exactly what Candace Mitchell sought to accomplish when she launched her company’s consumer brand and personalized hair care service, Myavana.

choosing entrepreneurship

Even though Candace attended Georgia Tech for computer science, she had a deep interest in hair care. In fact, at one point, Candace wanted to be a hair stylist.

The desire to become an entrepreneur hit Candace during college. She had become more and more disconnected from her major and began to consider what she was truly passionate about.

After “going natural” in 2008, Candace realized just how tough (and expensive!) it is to figure out which products worked best for her hair. This frustration sparked the idea for Myavana. Candace already had the passion for hair care and had finally found a problem to solve in the industry.

Problem-solving, she realized, is exactly what entrepreneurship is about.

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Candace took a full-time job in computer science after graduating, but like a true entrepreneur, she didn’t let her dream die. She used weekends to continue to flesh out her plans.

A chance encounter with a former professor led to an opportunity for Candace to participate in a start-up accelerator. Candace quit her full-time job to participate in the start-up accelerator, and the rest was history.

highs and lows of entrepreneurship

While Candace’s journey has been rewarding, it certainly hasn’t been easy.

She’s received tons of accolades, awards, and media features. She’s also had to figure out how to fundraise, manage personnel, and adapt to her business’s changing needs.

In this interview, Candace shares much more about the successes and challenges she’s faced and her recommendations for millennials interested in entrepreneurship and tech start-ups.

But that’s not all! Candace also shares…

how to raise $$$ for a company without going the traditional venture capital route

her #1 piece of advice to millennials who are interested in start-ups

how to eliminate funding as a (perceived) barrier to your entrepre-neurial idea

the importance of transparency in her journey and why she chose to write a book

the one major secret to getting funding from people who don’t care about your product

the one book that has helped her the most on her entrepreneur-ship journey

Candace’s story proves that no matter what your passions are, you can ALWAYS find a way to put those passions to WORK!

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