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Matt Paterini, co-founder of The Nontraditional Pharmacist, entered the healthcare technology industry fresh out of pharmacy school. Since then, he’s made his mark as the #1 Top Performer in the IBM Global Sales School and now as a Regional Director at UCG Technologies. All the while, Matt has worked with 2 of his classmates from pharmacy school to run the highly-successful blog & website, The Nontraditional Pharmacist.

How in the world is millennial Matt Paterini a pharmacist if he isn’t actually working in a pharmacy?

And if he isn’t working in a pharmacy…where is he working?!


As a student pharmacist, Matt knew he wanted to explore nontraditional roles for pharmacists. (For the non-pharmacists out there, that means he didn’t want to work in a community or hospital pharmacy.)

Instead, Matt was really interested in the intersection of healthcare and business.

With the strategic guidance of mentors and coaches in the field, Matt exploded into the IBM (yes, that IBM) Global Sales School right after getting his pharmacy degree.

Not only did he get accepted to this prestigious program with a Fortune 50 company, Matt was named the #1 Top Performer in his class!

Way to show out, Matt 😉

At the same time that Matt was getting his feet wet in the business world, he and 2 of his classmates recognized a gap in the pharmacy world that they could fill.

Here was the problem:

Even though there are loads of different types of settings that pharmacists can work in, many pharmacists don’t know about them or have no clue how to get into them.

Thus, Matt, his now-wife Lynn, and their BFF Nick created The Nontraditional Pharmacist blog.

Now, TNP brings pharmacists from the most unique, nontraditional settings to share how they got where they are and inspire other pharmacists hoping to do the same.

Matt is a driven millennial (with a few not-so-millennial habits) who’s continuing to climb the corporate ladder and making quite the name for himself while doing it! In addition to his professional ambitions, Matt continues to make time for TNP.

Through his experiences with balancing the two, Matt has some relevant, practical, and motivating tips for you!

In Episode 004, Matt and I discuss…

the unexpected way matt met his current boss

how to delegate tasks according to individual strengths

how you can use goal-setting to move up the corporate ladder

how to avoid getting lost in the sauce…that is, the details

managing the logistics of running a website with 2 other people

matt’s #1 productivity tip for balancing his full-time job and his passion project

Jump right in to find out how Matt molded his education to fit his professional goals and continues to make time for the projects that are important to him!

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