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Travis Levius is a globetrotting writer, photographer, speaker and travelpreneur. After taking a harrowing leap of faith by quitting his teaching job in ATL to pursue the unknown in London (with no money), his journey eventually landed him the World’s Dreamiest Job as a freelance travel journalist. He now writes for National Geographic Travel, CNN Travel, BBC Travel, Forbes Travel Guide and more, and gets flown to incredible destinations from the Amazon Rainforest to The Maldives.

In Episode 003 of The LaziMILLENNIAL Lounge…

Travis Levius, a world-traveling writer, photographer, and speaker, takes us on a tour of his global freelancing journey.

Despite beginning his career as an assistant teacher in Atlanta, GA, a life-changing, freak accident caused Travis to shift gears suddenly.

With only $300 and a dream, Travis headed to London to live out his long-term desire to live abroad. This journey led Travis to begin freelancing his writing (and photography) skills as a source of income.

What started out as a dream transformed into opportunities to write for CNN Travel, BBC Travel, Business Insider, and other amazing sites!

are you considering self-employment or entrepreneurship?

If so, Travis has these wise words of advice:

Refreshingly, Travis lets us in on a little secret – entrepreneurship doesn’t come naturally to him! It goes to show that some of the qualities that make a sucessful entrepreneur or freelancer can be learned and honed over time.

Travis is in the process of shifting his services to non-traditional, social media-based travel journalism (check out his awesome YouTube channel!).

He’s also taken the skills he’s learned to create a media company that helps take hotels to new levels from a branding and marketing standpoint!

episode takeaways

when to listen to your instinct and take a leap of faith

the role of vision boards in realizing your wildest dreams

how travis turned $300 and a dream into a successful business venture

the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people

how you can make money even if you quit your full-time job

top 3 tips for millennials interested in traveling more (for work or for play)!

Travis’s story will hopefully inspire you to listen to your gut and be fearless and faithful in the pursuit of your passions!

After the episode

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