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Keiona Eady, founder of the New Geechee podcast, is a 27-year-young leader who always aspired to inspire the world! She was born and raised in the South Carolina Lowcountry and is a 2012 Business Management Graduate of Clemson University. In an effort to highlight the success and stories of millennials, Keiona created New Geechee! New Geechee is a platform that inspires, motivates and spreads positive vibes for young, melanated professionals (aka YMPs) to live their best lives. New Geechee includes a 40+ episode podcast, #YMP paraphernalia, and informational events!

Watch Keiona’s interview on YouTube below OR listen to the podcast version!

In Episode 002 of The LaziMILLENNIAL Lounge…

…I have the pleasure of chatting with fellow LaziMILLENNIAL and podcasting extraordinaire, Keiona Eady!

Keiona has such a vibrant personality and genuine spirit. She talks to us today about her journey from quitting her well-paying job to launching the hilarious AND uplifting New Geechee podcast. And here’s the kicker…

Keiona didn’t even know what a podcast was until just before she started one!

Now don’t get carried away, y’all. Even though Keiona didn’t have a specific plan in place for what would happen after she quit her job, she did prepare in advance.

You’ll get some great advice on things you might want to consider if you find yourself contemplating quitting your job. Hindsight is 20/20 after all!

You’ll also hear how Keiona reframes the idea of how long it takes to “make it.” Instead of complaining or being impatient, Keiona used that time to learn and grow.

Hoping to start a podcast yourself?


In this interview, Keiona explains exactly how she went from not even knowing what a podcast was to launching New Geechee and building it up to 40+ episodes, including:

  • Her best friend, Google, AND one common Google mistake that we all make
  • Her favorite “how to start a podcast” podcasts, like this episode of the Carry On Friends podcast
  • What equipment and software you need to start a podcast and where to find it
  • Where to host your podcast to gain an audience
  • How much money you can expect to shell out!

what else is in store?

In addition to all I’ve just mentioned, you’ll get the scoop on plenty more great info from Keiona (like how she made money by hosting paint and sips in her home)!

PLUS, you’ll learn…

how to decide whether or not to quit your full-time job

steps to launching a successful podcast from scratch

how to prepare to quit your full-time job before you do it

what it really means to trust the process

how you can make money after quitting a well-paying job

strategies you can use to overcome creative blocks

Keiona’s story will hopefully inspire you to live fearlessly (yet responsibly) and to never shy away from chasing your dreams and living out your purpose.

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