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If you Google “fall asleep with a sore throat” or at least 10 other search terms, guess whose websites you’ll see on the first page of results. Yep! Me right here!

I don’t say this to brag. I remind myself of these accomplishments and share them with you because a year ago, nobody could’ve convinced me that I’d learn how to use SEO strategies to get my content—my own blogs that I built from scratch—seen by thousands of people a month.

But you know who would’ve believed that? Who actually did believe that?

Paul Scrivens. Known as Scrivs to the Dare to Conquer family, I think of him as my Fairy Blogfather. That guy changed the way I think about blogging and about online business.

I’m well on my way to building a creative, profitable live I truly love (the ultimate LaziMILLENNIAL goal), in large part due to his expertise and the knowledge I’ve gained through the Dare to Conquer course.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy for me to extoll DTC’s praises looking back. But I was in your shoes just over a year ago. I remember the emotions I felt when I was contemplating joining DTC—the curiosity, the uncertainty, the anxiety about making such a substantial purchase.

At that time, before committing to DTC (Billionaire Blog Club as it was known back then), hearing about people’s individual experiences was comforting to me and helped me make an educated decision. So that’s why I’m here giving you the DTC rundown.

I’ll tell you why I chose Dare to Conquer over every other blogging course, the things I love about it, what I don’t like so much, who DTC is perfect for, and who should probably stay away.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Making the big decision: dare to conquer vs everybody else

I launched my blog LaziMILLENNIAL in February 2018, but I began the hunt for a blogging course 3 months prior. I’ve always been a huge believer in learning from people who are more experienced than me in a specific area.

By profession, I’m a pharmacist. I became a great pharmacist because I went to school for it and learned the science from those who were already experts. Other areas of life are no different. You can learn for free, but it’s often much quicker to learn from the successes and failures of the pro’s. So in search of the pro’s, I went.

In popular blogging groups on Facebook, I was promptly overwhelmed. I came across all types of courses and comparisons:

  • Has anyone heard of Wealthy Affiliate?
  • What about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?
  • Should I join the Elite Blog Academy or Billionaire Blog Club (now, Dare To Conquer)?

I ended up purchasing two blogging courses—neither as comprehensive as DTC, simply because there is no other blog course as comprehensive as DTC #realtalk—and finished about 50% of both of them. Don’t get me wrong, there was great info, but there wasn’t enough foundational information for me to be able to apply what was being taught there, ya know?

Like what good is affiliate marketing if people aren’t even seeing my posts? How useful is an ads strategy if I can’t promote my blog well enough to get enough page views to make ads worthwhile?

And buying those courses was merely buying information. It wasn’t buying a community or buying guidance from the course creator(s).

I realized that what I needed was a ground-up education in the business of blogging and a group of people—a cohort, if you will—that I could learn from along the journey. I found that and more in Dare to Conquer.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Until recently, I would’ve told you that 90% of my blog traffic came from Pinterest. But after applying the kick-ass, Super Saiyan SEO techniques I’ve learned from the DTC Pinterest course and getting personal feedback from fellow DTC members in our Slack Community, I can say that the SEO juice is finally starting to roll in! My traffic is now diversified with about 50% from Pinterest and 50% from organic searches in Google.

That is #GOALSAF for me!

When it comes to my email stats, things are on the rise too! I’ve been able to grow my email list *with people who are actually INTERESTED in my blog content and not just vanity metrics* using the strategies that Scrivs teaches.

dare to conquer review lazimillennial

It’s no surprise that Scrivs is a master at this blogging thing. After all, he runs 13+ blogs of his own and brings in hundreds of thousands of $$$ annually from just a few of them.

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Why Dare To Conquer?

You know how every great superhero has an equally amazing (if not even awesome-r) #2?! Well in DTC Land, that person is Marybeth.

I figured you’d wanna know what’s special about DTC, and I think the answer to that question comes no better than from the mouth of our dear Marybeth herself.

Why do you believe in DTC?

MB: The course material for me, is second to none. The material on starting a blog, utilizing Pinterest, mastering SEO and affiliate marketing is there to get you a solid foundation with your business, and new courses are on the way to take you to the next level.

Having access to the course creator, Scrivs, through email or Slack is priceless. And that access is for everyone, not just for me as Community Manager. Scrivs is such an asset because he can answer the nitty gritty technical stuff, or the ambiguous “where do I go from here”-type questions and he’s a cheerleader when we need it. Even if sometimes it’s not a cheer, but a swift kick in the pants.

What’s your favorite aspect of the DTC Slack community?

MB: The community at DTC astounds me daily. Some days I have to sit back and take note of the amazing things people do for each other in here.

The other day, a member asked a fairly technical question and THREE different members jumped in to help, spent their own time figuring out an answer that was specific to this one person.

Other times it’s collaborations between members that are remarkable. Whether it’s guest posting, or collaborating on list posts or just coming together and throwing ideas around, it happens every single day in the Slack community.

Everyone is generous with their thoughts and ideas. If something works well for a member, they are here in Slack reporting in to the Community about what they did and why it worked. I’ve never seen such an un-selfish, non-judgmental group of people. They really do amaze me and I love being a part of that. I’m very proud to work with these guys on a daily basis.

What Do You Get with DTC? (Sneak Peek! Shhhh…Don’t tell Scrivs!)

Ok, so it’s not so super-secret. This is actually info you can get from the DTC website. I want to spend more time sharing the benefits you can’t see on the website, but for completeness’ sake, here’s a brief snapshot:

Courses available through DTC

How to set up your Pinterest profile
How to create pins that bring in the traffic
How to gel Pinterest and your personal blog site
Pinning strategies like manual and automated (Tailwind) pinning
How to analyze Pinterest analytics

Everything you need to know about keywords
How Google works
Mastering SEO on your actual blog posts
What “link-building” is and why it matters for SEO

Affiliate Marketing
Mastering affiliate marketing effectively
Finding worthy affiliate programs
How affiliate links work
Affiliate marketing strategies that bring in the coins

Slack Community

Have you heard of Slack? It’s like GroupMe’s or WhatsApp’s more organized big cousin. Like a Facebook group but less annoying and creepy.

The DTC Slack group is a 24/7 real-time community for every single person enrolled in DTC. 

DTC Slack NEVER sleeps. Seriously, there’s always some entertaining and/or informative dialogue happening there. Our Slack community has channels that help us organize our convos, so there’s a place for chats about SEO, email lists, etc.

But it’s also really cool that there’s dedicated space for highlighting personal wins and achievements! Blogging can be a lonely sport, so being able to bitch about the lows and toast to the highs with a group of people who understand is truly unmatched.

How Does DTC Compare to Other Blogging Courses?

You know how millennials use the word “literally” when they actually don’t mean “literally?” I’m about to use the word, but I LITERALLY MEAN LITERALLY.

Since joining BBC-turned-DTC, purchasing another blogging course has never ever crossed my mind. Not ever. There was no buyer’s remorse for me because as soon as you click “purchase,” you’re whisked into the DTC Slack Community, which seriously is worth the price alone.

Mind you, Scrivs also introduces new material all. the. time. So much so that with my blog, my writing business, my family, and my general sanity, I can’t consume it all as soon as it becomes available.

But here’s the key, I KNOW that whenever I come across some free time, everything I need to know is already there.

The beauty of DTC is that you have access for a lifetime and you can actually BENEFIT from that lifetime access because it’s constantly being improved, updated and added to.

5 Reasons Dare to Conquer is my Best blogging Investment

1. Comprehensiveness

There’s tremendous comfort and a resounding sigh of relief from my bank account in knowing that I’ll never need to buy another blog course again.

2. Community

In the DTC community, not only are we constantly learning from Scrivs, but we’re always learning something from each other and helping each other celebrate our wins. Blogging can be lonely because it’s hard to really understand its importance if you aren’t doing it. But to have a group of people who REALLY DO understand and are in the same boat at your fingertips…well, excuse my French, but that shit is priceless.

3. SEO strategy

Between my blogs, I have at least 5 posts ranking on page UNO of Google for certain search terms. That in itself has paid for this course.

4. Pinterest strategy

Pinterest has been one of the main reasons I was able to grow my email list and page views early on. And developing a Pinterest strategy that I understand, that isn’t too time-consuming, and that works for my lifestyle was something that I was able to accomplish using the DTC Pinterest course.

5. Scriv’s emails

In addition to being active with us in the Slack community, Scrivs also graces our inboxes every now and then—but not with the salesly junk email you’re probably used to.

No, he gives us inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and yes, tough love. His emails are a lesson in how to build a business that is true to who you are, rather than building a business that you have to conform to.

And the writing! Let’s just say, the copywriter in me is always pleased. I have a whole swipe file of loveable Scrivs emails that I can read through to learn how to better communicate with my own LaziMILLENNIAL family!

Who Should Stay Far Away from DTC?

As an early adopter of BBC/DTC, I’m in a unique place where I’ve actually seen people in our community who probably shouldn’t be there. And it’s only right for me to let you know if you could possibly fall into these categories.

If you meet these criteria, DTC may not be for you:

homer dare to conquer review

You’re unsure that you want to be in business. Uhh maybe figure that out before you drop a few hundred on learning how to start and grow an online business? 🙂

(Important Note: Yes, Billionaire Blog Club started out as the ultimate blogging course. But the evolution of BBC to Dare to Conquer happened because this is a course that provides the foundation for an online business, not merely a blog.)

You only want to blog as a passion project. You don’t want to make any money from it. The purpose of business—any business—is to make money. if that’s not your goal, the intended return on investment for this course, i.e., MONEY, isn’t going to resonate with you.

You want all the answers spelled out for you. One of the things I love about Scrivs is his tough love approach, balanced with a genuine desire for ALL of us to succeed. It’s why I consider him a Blogfather instead of a blog mentor or coach.

Scrivs will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t not have all the specific answers for YOU! What he does have is a set of systems and frameworks that you can use as the basis for your blog or online business, build your blog or business, and then tweak to help YOUR business thrive.

You’re in search of a one-sized fits all approach. I hate to break it to you, but there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in blogging or in online business at-large. Through DTC, you have room for creativity, exploration, and experimentation, which can turn some people off. But in reality, not everyone will monetize the same way, design graphics the same way, etc.

When you encounter courses that claim to teach a one-size-fits-all approach, know that you are being sold snake oil in an expensive bottle.

You’re convinced that cheap or free is the best way. When you join the DTC family, you are exchanging your hard-earned coins for convenience, community, structure, and guidance. You can get information for cheap or for free, but you most certainly cannot get convenience, community, structure, and guidance along with it.

You expect magical blogging income to come rolling in. It takes HARD work and time to make money from any online business, especially a blog. If you’re not willing to dedicate that, you will not see the return on investment that you could see if you did put in the work.

What I Dislike about DTC, Honestly

This is usually the section in a course review when the author pretends to be sharing “real critiques” that are actually thinly disguised as ways to continue to rope you into thinking the course is flawless. Sorta like when you’re asked about your biggest strengths in an interview and respond that your biggest weakness is working too hard. Nice try.

I’m gonna keep it real with you though. These are the 2 critiques I have of this course:

There is a LOT of content and it can be overwhelming.

LaziMILLENNIAL is for multipassionate millennials, and if you’re multipassionate yourself, you know how easily distracted we can be. The fact that there is SO MUCH information and there’s constanlty more being added come sometimes be distracting because I want to consume ALLLLLLL of it as soon as it’s available.

Realistically though, I can’t. I’m not sure if there’s a way to roll out additional content that doesn’t make me feel like I need to cram for a test in 2 days, but there’s that. The way I manage it currently is just to ignore it as best I can until I have time to dig in!

The Slack community can be distracting.

Aside from the camaraderie and genuine helpfulness of our little family, one of the things I love the most about our DTC Slack community is that it’s NOT on Facebook.

But I will say this: it’s just as easy to get roped into a pattern of learning and talking and discussing and not implementing. My mantra for 2018 was Consume Less, Create More. I tried to spend less time in FB groups, and GroupMe chats, and yes, even our DTC Slack community. But whenever I had an issue I needed to discuss or just missed my DTC family, they were ALWAYS there for me <3 Plus MB provides amazing updates of what you missed in the Slack channel by email.

final thoughts on dtc for the research addicts

Here’s the thing: I mentioned before that I’m a pharmacist by trade. I don’t DO or SPEND MONEY on anything until I research the hell out of it and try it out for myself. I’ve tried to give you the answers to all the questions you might have in your research process, so now the ball’s in your court.

You’re now facing one of your biggest tests as as business owner, investing in yourself.  “If you won’t invest in yourself, who will?” and all that jazz…

Know this: by doing your research, you’re setting yourself up to make an educated decision and ensure that you make the best investment possible for your business.

The research phase doesn’t have to stop here though. Scrivs has created an easy way to test the waters and find out if Dare to Conquer is a good fit for your business goals. All you need is $1—yes, ONE. DOLLAR.—to give DTC a trial run.

Go for it.