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Raise your hand if you’re in the mood to spend $200 on a mediocre Valentine’s Day dinner date that doesn’t even get you full? Didn’t think so.

I’m a huge proponent of thinking outside the box WITHOUT breaking the bank. And as my fellow LaziMILLENNIALs know, I’m also a huge fan of tapping into your creativity!

Exploring your creative side with someone you like—or even loooooove—and feel comfy around can make the whole creative exploration thing a lot more fun (and much less scary).

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a random Tuesday night, these date ideas are sure to create a night full of laughs, memories, and hilarious pictures.

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10 Creative date ideas for valentine's day that won't break the bank



Cooking classes are SO much fun whether you know how to cook or not. Why? Because how often do you and your boo really take the time to learn to cook a new dish AND cook it together. (If you and your boo do that often, then awwww, aren’t y’all cute?!)

Regardless of skill level, taking the time to cook a meal together provides much-needed stress relief, quality time, and delicious self-expression.

Groupon usually has great deals on cooking classes. If you have a culinary school in your area, they may offer classes too (especially around Valentine’s Day).

2. Cheap alternative: chopped: date night

Now if you REALLY want to get creative and a little competitive, stay in for the night and have your own cooking competition.

Think Chopped: Date Night.

Okay, here’s what you do. You and your partner each write a list of 25 foods on a sheet of paper (no peeking)! Then cut out each food item. Put all your strips of paper in one container and all your partner’s in another. (If you want to make sure you have different food groups represented, you may want to separate the meat, the veggies, etc.)

You choose 3-5 strips from your partner’s container and your partner chooses 3-5 strips from yours. The items you select make up your “Chopped” basket! On date night, you each have to prepare a meal using those ingredients. May the best cook win 🙂

You can get as “creative” as you want when coming up with these different foods, but remember, you probably do actually want to eat the meal when it’s done :)!

3. Go to a bartending CLASS

If alcohol is more your style, you can have some fun with that too!

Instead of the chopping block, head to a bartending class.

Aside from the fact that bartenders are usually hella fun people, you can also expand your drink-making skills to more than just coke and rum or OJ and champagne.

(Promise I’m not judging.)

4. Cheap alternative: Make it a group date!

Each couple brings their own bottle of liquor and one extra beverage or mixer (like pineapple juice or grenadine). Then everyone has access to all the different liquors and beverages to come up with their own drink concoction.

Once everyone creates their signature drink, it’s time to taste test!

I’d suggest having airbeds on deck in case the lightweights get out of hand 😉

5. paint and sip

Paint and sips are super popular now, but that doesn’t make them any less fun. The idea is that you head to a paint studio and BYOB. Then you paint your own version of a sample that the instructor shows.

Paint and sips are great for spending QT with your cutie, bonding over your terrible (or marvelous!) painting skills, and meeting new people.

Even better if you end up creating something you’re not ashamed to hang up at your place!

6. cheap alternative: host your own paint party

Paint and sips generally aren’t too pricey, and you’ll find several on Groupon, but it’s also super easy to do your own paint and sip at home. And maybe you can even “sip” a little more since you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere.

Michael’s pretty much always has canvases and acrylic paint on sale, and when they don’t, they usually have a coupon for 50% off your highest priced item! Get your boo, go to Michael’s, grab two canvases, some paint, and paint brushes. Make sure you each have a coupon, and check out separately 😉 #protip

Thank me later!


If you still haven’t been to an escape room, you’re missing out. I’ll be honest. At first, I had reservations…until I made…*wait for it*…reservations. (LOL! I crack myself up…)

If you aren’t familiar with escape rooms, this is how it works: You and a group of people are locked inside a room full of clues. You and your fellow locked-in friends have to work together to find the clues and crack the code so you can break out of the room before time is up.

Let me tell you: it is SO. MUCH. FUN. Even if you don’t have a whole group of 8-10 to fill up the room, it’s still fun to go with your date, meet other people, and get your creative wheels spinning.

Also very common on Groupon!

8. Make YouTube Videos

Instead of spending all night watching YouTube videos, why not spend some time making a YouTube video?

Have a favorite YouTube video that you can’t get enough of? Recreate it with your own spin.

Have an idea that you’ve been wanting to film for a while? Go for it!

Or just vlog a date you would normally go on with your boo.

All you need is a smartphone and some free editing software like iMovie!

Even if you’re anti-cameras, this is a really fun idea that you can keep between you two! Just make sure the more trustworthy partner is the one whose phone it’s on. 😉

9. Learn Dance Choreo to Your Fave Song from YouTube

Little known fact: When I have zero motivation to exercise, I “compromise” with myself by finding a choreography video to some song I like and “learning” it. It’s really fun and I make sure I get my cardio despite not sticking to my normal workout routine.

I’ve tried numerous times to get my husband to do it with me, but I haven’t been successful yet. Better luck with your boo!

By the way, even if you suck, Matt Steffanina’s videos are fun AF.

10. Get Started On Your Halloween Costume

It’s NEVER too early to get ready for Halloween. Every year it comes around, I think to myself THIS is the year I’m going to have an epic costume.

Never happens.

If you’re into Halloween, take a few weekends to brainstorm and design costumes with your SO and work on them together. Bonus points if you all do a couples’ costume!

If it’s good enough, you may even win some costume competitions come next Halloween and rake up some cash!


rake it up. rake it up.

– Yo Gotti

See? A date doesn’t always have to be expensive (If Groupon is good enough for Tiffany Haddish, it’s good enough for me!) And having more creativity in your life doesn’t always have to be structured.

Just go have fun with the people you love!

what creative date ideas do you have up your sleeve?