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It’s a universal fact that Target is the trap – am i right? But no one ever talks about the black hole that is I don’t know about you but I find myself roaming the pages of Amazon as freely and blissfully as I peruse the airy aisles of Target.

That’s not always a bad thing though.

After all, Amazon has all the things I love so dearly – books, practical household items, and arts & crafts supplies.

This year, I decided to see what the bullet journal hoopla was all about, and I promptly discovered a whole new world!

If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, here’s the quick and dirty explanation:

It’s a journal, usually with dotted pages, page numbers, and an index that allows you to keep track of whatever in your life you deem important.

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Instead of using a planner that dictates what you write down and where, a bullet journal offers a lot more flexibility and creativity. In that way, a bullet journal is 100% customizable, which makes sense because your life isn’t like anyone else’s.

Below I’m sharing my favorite bullet journal supplies available on Amazon! If you see something you like, just click it to check out the reviews!

The best bullet journal supplies on amazon


Bullet Journals

There are a few different paper options you can choose from your actual journal: dotted, gridded, lined, or blank pages.

I’ve included several options below, but the 1st on the list – the dotted mint green Lemome – is hands-down my favorite.

*Update: About a month after I bought my first bullet journal, I ended up buying a second! I love and use them both daily. Find out if having multiple bullet journals might be right for you, too!

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pens & markers

If you’re gonna have a cute journal, obviously you need some cute pens, pencils, & markers to write with.

Amazon has some beautiful, colorful options that I’ll link below. (Plus, I’ve included an exclusive bonus set that isn’t on Amazon. Not to worry though, I’ll show you exactly how you can get them in the BONUS box below.)

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Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Markers, 4.5/5 stars – These markers are great for faux calligraphy, journaling, and brush lettering. The pack contains 9 colors and 1 color-less blending marker. These are non-toxic, no-bleed, double-tipped markers.

Smart Colored Pens for Bullet Journal Planner, 4.5/5 stars – This pack comes with 36 colors and won’t bleed through the pages of your bullet journal.

Prismacolor Premier Beginner Hand-Lettering Set, 4/5 stars – This collection comes with 2 pencils, 3 illustration markers, 1 double-ended art marker and an eraser.

Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens, 4.5/5 stars – This collection comes with 36 pens, 2 sides each: a 0.4mm fine tip and a brush tip!

stickers & WASHI TAPE

You can find stickers for your bullet journal anywhere, but really my favorite is washi tape! Washi tape is basically sticky craft paper that comes in pretty designs, colors, and patterns.

I use washi tape to decorate pages, create my bullet journal key, and mark pages I want to come back to often.

Here are some designs I bought for my brand new bullet journal.

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Unless you’re a handwriting pro, you might wanna have some stencils to help you make your bullet journal as appealing as possible.

Here are a few really cool ones I found on Amazon.

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And of course you’ll need somewhere to store all your new supplies!

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It’s time to get your bullet journal on!

have you tried bullet journaling yet? What are your favorite supplies?