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You are now stepping into a judgement-free zone.

A world where we can all share in the joys and pains of our abounding (yet borderline unhealthy) love for lightly-dotted, bound stationery.

Let’s face it – if you clicked on this post, you ALREADY know you’ve got a problem.

So, what’s your Bullet Journal Story?

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Mine started a few months back. I was incredibly resistant to even READING about bullet journals, let alone trying one out for myself.

Even though I mentioned bullet journaling as a time management strategy in an epic post on increasing productivity, I had no interest in trying it myself.

See, I’m one of those rare unicorns who’s repelled by “hype.” You know, popular things – restaurants, clothing trends, TV shows, the new Beyoncé album…

I eventually try the things out (and usually love them), but something about the initial mass hysteria completely turns me off.

By the time I finally read about the bullet journal and figured out what the heck it was, I was rather late to the party.

I decided to give it a try. Within about 2 weeks, I. Was. Hooked!

Since then, I came to understand the craze, and I’m now unashamedly a part of it.

This post is a [written] toast to my fellow bullet journal junkies.

5 Signs You're a Bona fide Bullet Journal Addict


1. You’ve left your house without your bullet journal and turned back around to get it.

To be fair, I’ve only done this when I knew I had several important things to do one day but wouldn’t have been able to remember them all without my journal…

And that one time when I was going out of town for the weekend and refused to go 3 days without it…

Oh, and only when I knew I’d be with someone who I reallllllllly wanted to tell about bullet journals…

……………………………….Let’s just move on to #2, k?

2. You have more markers, stickers, & washi tape than your kids (or your friends’ kids) have.

My kid’s only 2 years old, so I feel justified in having more arts supplies than he does.

Sue me. *shrug*

By the way, if you’re wondering what supplies I use, you can check them out here!

3. You’re using 3+ bullet journals at the same. damn. time.

Although I may or may not be considering a third, I’m only using two simultaneously right now sooooo…not it!

In all seriousness though, there are times when it does make sense to have multiple bullet journals.

4. You’ve tried all the bullet journal brands out there.

Bonus points if you can name them all!

I’ve only got two (so far), but these are all on my list of brands to try!

5. Your friends change the subject, stop texting you, or walk away every time you mention your bullet jou–

When did you realize you were hooked on your bullet journal?