Try These 26 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

Did you click this post thinking it was going to be about time management? Probably so.

Please accept my sincere apologies. Does it seem like I’m always apologizing?? This post isn’t about time management because there’s no such thing as time management. Time is…time, and last time I checked, we only have 24 hours in a day.

But there’s good news. Even though you can’t manage time per se, you can manage what you do with your time, and that’s what I’m here to help you with!

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The Most Effective Ways to Make Money with LinkedIn

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are great for having fun, keeping up with friends (& frenemies), and general laughs. In many cases, all of these platforms can also be powerful marketing tools for your business, too.

But if you’re really trying to gather your life up and do something with your career, you’ve gotta stop sleeping on LinkedIn.

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How to Start a Side Hustle with No Money

You may not have a large chunk of money to invest into a side hustle right now. Or you may have a large chunk of money that you just don’t WANT to invest into a side hustle right now.

Here’s the good news I came to share with you today: There are plenty of opportunities out there that don’t require you to drop a dime.

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How to Turn Off Your Brain at Night for Better Sleep

If you’re reading this post, you can probably relate to this scenario:

It’s been the LONGEST day, and you are completely drained. You’ve finally finished everything you needed to do (or at least you’ve decided that you’re done for the time being). It’s time to go to bed.

You’re nice and tired. Ready for a good night of sleep.

You turn off the light. Hop in the bed. Snuggle up under the covers.

With eyes closed, your cheek touches the cool pillow.

1 second… 2 seconds… 3 seconds…

Your eyes pop open.

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10 of the Most Inspiring Books for Creative Millennials

Reading for pleasure is one of those habits that so often fades away – not because the love is gone, but because there seems to be little time for it.

But creative and entrepreneurial people know the power and necessity of reading for growth and inspiration and force themselves to make time for it. Whether reading to unwind, de-stress, inspire, or learn, there are so many benefits to taking in a great book.

Here are 10 you’ve probably never heard of.

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How to Be More Creative: Get In the Zone

Ever feel like you don’t have a single creative bone in your body?

Are you the friend who repeatedly botches Pinterest projects, hates having to decorate anything, and never had talents for the talent shows in grade school?

Contrary to the messages blasted through our screens and speakers, you can learn how to be more creative.

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How to Start a Blog Right Now in 3 Easy Steps

Seriously, you’ve wanted to start a blog for years. Since the age of AOL, chatrooms, and Myspace.

And now that you’ve decided that you are going to BOSS TF UP in 2018 (you did decide that right?), it’s time for you to stop standing in the way of your own dream and start your blog!

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