Author: Megan Nichole

Finally! The Answer to Getting Stuff Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

This post could have had a bunch of different titles: Nontraditional Strategies for Motivation What to Do When Motivation Just Won’t Come How to Kick Yourself in the Butt Maybe You Don’t Need Motivation (!!! You’ll understand this one in a few…) Ultimately I knew it didn’t matter what I called it. We’ve ALL had the feeling I’m describing, and we all look for ways to get around it. But I won’t get ahead of myself. By now, you know I’m a podcast junkie. The Think and Grow Chick podcast by Courtney Sanders is one that fuels my habit. Last week...

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How to Know If You’re a Bullet Journal Addict

You are now stepping into a judgement-free zone. A world where we can all share in the joys and pains of our abounding (yet borderline unhealthy) love for lightly-dotted, bound stationery. Let’s face it – if you clicked on this post, you ALREADY know you’ve got a problem. So, what’s your Bullet Journal Story? Pin me to come back to this post later! Mine started a few months back. I was incredibly resistant to even READING about bullet journals, let alone trying one out for myself. Even though I mentioned bullet journaling as a time management strategy in an...

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Top 11 Personal Development Books for Millennials (of All Time!)

Can you remember your favorite book as a child? The one you insisted on reading over and over and over until you drove your parents batshit crazy? Mine was Bugs Bunny’s Carrot Machine. My parents still remember most of the words to this day. What about a book you obsessed over as a teenager? How about as an adult? A little more foggy there? Well that’s why we’re here – to fix that. Reading isn’t a habit we should let fall by the wayside just because we’re getting old and dusty. Even though we aren’t children anymore, we’re still...

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How to Make the Most of Your Mid-Year Goals Review

The ancient hip-hop proverb warns us: Chickity-check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. – Ice Cube Through this highly-regarded Ice Cube bop, we learned at an early age the importance of checking yo’self if, of course, you did not wish to wreck yo’self. As most hip-hop proverbs go, this adage can be widely applied to all aspects of life. Nowadays, self-checking is nicely and professionally packaged as a component of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. But it can also be framed as a periodic, routine way to evaluate progress on goals you’ve set for yourself. A mid-year goals review is the...

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How to Listen to Podcasts…And Actually Get Something Out of Them!

If you’re reading this, it’s too late… No, I’m kidding, lol! (But honestly it’s 8:43 pm on June 28th so Champagne Papi is on my mind!) Okay I’m being serious now. *straight face* If you’re reading this, you’re probably millennial-aged or younger. That means you’re a part of the biggest group of podcast-listeners out there! Not much of a surprise, huh? Chances are you already know how to find and listen to podcasts. If you don’t, I’m not judging. I’m just…Well, shit, yeah I am judging. Don’t worry – I’m still gonna help you, but this post isn’t just...

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