I’m Megan Nichole, a millennial-advocating, copywriting, pill-slingin’…

Wait—I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s backtrack.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this page, it’s because you’ve checked out LaziMILLENNIAL and you’re feeling the vibe. If that’s the case, THANK YOU. I appreciate your curiosity about this platform and about the host, me!

Now that I’ve thanked you, I must apologize.

You came to this page thinking you were going to learn more about the person behind LaziMILLENNIAL, who surely must have her life together.

I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Let me be clear: I am SO grateful for my life, my family, my friends, my network, and all the opportunities I’ve had. But I didn’t create LaziMILLENNIAL to curate some perfect version of myself to put forward to the world.

I struggle just like everyone else. And as a millennial, you and I likely share many of the same struggles.

I’m multi-passionate, but it’s difficult to find time for all my interests.

I’m a creator, but sometimes I feel blocked.

I’m a pharmacist, but I don’t want to limit my other talents or interests.

I’m married to my best friend, but making time for yourself and another person ain’t always easy.

I’m a mom to the most amazing little boy and girl ever, but this motherhood stuff is exhausting.

In other words, I’m human just like you.

In the past 2 years, I’ve allowed myself to be more purposeful, more fearless, and more engaged with the creative activities that I once knew and loved.

I started a blog, used that to become a freelance writer, then turned it into a copywriting business. In the midst of these life transitions, I conceived the idea of LaziMILLENNIAL.

I’ve learned what it means to have balance in my life—to allow for practical responsibilities but also make room for creativity.

i've learned to be more productive, be more creative, and use that combination to make more money.

That’s what The LaziMILLENNIAL Lounge podcast is all about. I want to share what I’ve learned (and am still learning) with every other millennial who could possibly benefit from it.